Services Available for Offenses in Kentucky
Kentucky DUI Classes

The Kentucky DMV will not accept online DUI Classes. This class may be accepted by Court or Probation with prior approval. Check Hours for Kentucky or Register Here

Kentucky Alcohol / Drug Education
No current restrictions on who can take the class. If you received a DUI offense, please refer to Kentucky DUI Class information above. Register Here
Kentucky MIP Classes
For Minor In Possession Charges or Minor In Consumption Charges in Kentucky. No current restrictions on who can take the class. Register Here
Kentucky Victim Impact Class
Typically Court Ordered. No restrictions on who can take this class. Register Here
Kentucky DUI Evaluations
DUI Evaluations offered for Non Residents of Kentucky with a DUI In Kentucky. If you are a resident of Kentucky with a DUI in Kentucky, you cannot use our evaluations without preapproval from the Authority requiring you to take the class. Get started with your evaluation here

** Please note that if you live in a state other than Kentucky and your states minimum hours for DUI Class are higher than what the state of Kentucky requires, you should take the higher number of hours to avoid future issues when going to reinstate your license.


Additional Fees That May Apply
Depending on your individual situation,
Some States require additional forms to be completed by the agency providing the services. Please note: We do not have access to forms required by States other than Illinois. If your state requires an additional form to be completed you must obtain it yourself and provide it to our agency.

  • Special State forms start at $35 - $85 depending on complexity and the number of pages. (This includes progress reports and letters)
  • Notarization Fee is $25
  • Express Shipping $35-$45 (overnight via UPS or FEDX)
  • Rush Evaluation Fee - if you have a court date we can do a same day evaluation.
  • Rush Review Fee - if you have a court date we can do a same day rush review.
  • Missed Appointments $60 (if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment)
  • Extension Fee - if you do not finish your classes in the required time frame, you are allowed an extension.


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