Do you need a DUI evaluation, Alcohol Evaluation or Substance Abuse Assessment?

Right Direction Services LLC (RDS) provides fast, convenient, affordable Evaluations, and Assessments via the phone and live video conferencing. Our services are discrete and strictly confidential. Our staff is friendly and respectful.

The credentials of our professional staff range from Bachelors to Masters and/or Licensed Clinical Social Workers degrees and all are Certified Substance Abuse Counselors.

Why is this important? .......

Because only a very few States will accept DUI and Drug/Alcohol evaluations by someone without these credentials. The majority of States will only accept evaluations performed by certified Substance Abuse Counselors. ALL of our counselors meet that requirement.

RDS has prepared hundreds of evaluations and has a rejection rate of less than 2% nationwide, which is why we offer a  MONEY BACK* GUARANTEE if your Evaluation is not accepted. Additionally, we receive positive feedback from Judges, Probation Officers, and Attorneys about the quality and comprehensiveness of our evaluations.

Emergency Evaluations are available after hours, weekends and holidays.


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An Evaluation Update can be done only if the original Evalaution was prepared by this agency and is less than 1 year old and there has been no new offense since then.

The process for an Evaluation Update is the same as for the Evaluation except
Driving Abstract, BAC and Police Report are not needed.
You will need to submit a new Collaborator form as well as new consents for the release of confidential information for Court, Probation, Attorney and the Collaborator.

The cost for an DUI Evaluation Update is $110.00