Why Right Direction Services?

Judges, Probation Officers & Court Monitors

* Comprehensive, effective class design

* Evidence based curriculum

* Live Instructor involvement

* Instructors are credentialed Substance Abuse Professionals

* Ability to monitor client’s progress



While this is an online class program, we offer an extensive curriculum that requires the participant not only to study the topics but also to relate them to their own circumstances in corresponding journals.  The student is guided toward developing a concrete, measurable Prevention Plan.

We require our students to put thought and effort into their written work.

Once a client has completed the entire curriculum a live instructor, who is a credentialed Substance Abuse Professional reviews all of their work. In order to pass the class the student's work must reflect serious effort, an ability to relate the topics to their own situation and pass the post-test with an 80% or better.  The instructor will work with the student online to improve their work.

The Instructor also has the option to recommend additional class hours, or an evaluation to rule out any alcohol/drug abuse or dependency issues at this time if it appears the client would benefit.

Judges, Probation, DMV and Attorneys are given access to monitor or view the clients work upon their request and with written authorization by the participant.